Monday, April 18, 2011

Kuta Beach, Lombok: Apr'2011

Day 2: Sukarara village, Sade village, Kuta beach

Our last stop before going to the airport was Kuta beach. It is beautiful and pristine just like another beach in Lombok Islands.

I rush the lunch time so I can have more time to play on the beach with Joy and Putri. We went to the coral reef that revealed due to the low tide. Some children were fishing there.

From afar, I watched the visitors enjoy their activities on the calm beach. It’s so calm as if it were a giant swimming pool with the horizon and the hill as the boundaries.

The hawkers give it another flavor to Kuta beach compared to other beaches that I have visited here. They do not know the word “no”. When they do, they will curse you or something like that. Still the alluring beach overruled the annoying hawkers there. Well, I assumed to put up with the hawkers as a challenge. Who’s going to throw in the towel first?

I just hope that anyone from the local tourist industry tell them not to do that. It is not a sustainable way to make a living from tourism.

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